Hot of the Press – Promises, Promises at the Printers

Hot off the Press!

There are many defining milestone moments for an author when it comes to a book being published.  There’s the moment when the first chapter is written … the moment when the final chapter is written … the moment when the title is decided … the moment when the artwork for the jacket is agreed … the moment when the book is actually published and appears on the shelf in a bookstore, but with Promises, Promises I had a truly outstanding milestone moment – I saw my book actually becoming a proper, all-singing-all-dancing book at the printers.  I’d never seen the process before so it was very exciting.

The following photographs record my visit to Clays Ltd in Suffolk and I’m indebted to all the lovely people who made the day so special for me, especially Kate  McFarlan and Vicki Ellis. uses Google Analytics

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