You’d think that having my photograph taken to accompany a piece I wrote for the Daily Mail in February would be a relatively quick process, but you’d be wrong!

Firstly, having chosen very carefully what I was going to wear, I was told by the make-up artist and photographer that I would have to change out of the black dress I’d selected – they even wanted me to change my tights, but I insisted the black opaques had to stay, if only to hide my horrible legs!  Amazingly I was also asked to put some heels on.  Apparently it’s how the newspaper likes women to appear for their readers – read into that what you will.  Then, striking terror in my heart, my make-up was the focus of attention and all I could do was cross my fingers and hope I wouldn’t be transformed into something scarily unrecognisable.  Eventually it was the turn of the photographer and, after what felt like a lifetime later, the job was finally done.

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